Back Posture Corrector

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Product Features

  • 【Posture Adjustment and Correction】 – The best solution to correct your kyphosis and improve your posture. New Hybrid Design combining the “Light Weight and Freedom of Movement” of a simple Figure 8 Brace with the “Support and Comfort” of a traditional full brace. The corrector is ergonomically designed and instantly corrects your posture all while keeping your shoulders, clavicle, and back in a natural, healthy and correct position.
  • 【Unviable Under Clothing】 – With the extra-thin belt and breathable mesh design, you can hide the braces under your clothing easily and comfortably. Simply steps to take the corrector on and off. You can use the corrector pretty much everywhere comfortably (while working, commuting, light exercise, etc). Stay Stylish and Be Healthy!.
  • 【Build and Strengthen Your Back Muscles】The flexible design allows the elastically belt to enfold your back, and custom-fit to different body shape at a comfort level. All it takes is 1-2 hours per day to train your back muscles and eventually improve your posture permanently.
  • 【Reduce Neck and Back Pain】 – Crossing Belt Design can further strengthen the connection between your shoulder and waist. It will pull back your shoulder to assist posture while using the muscles from your waist to support your back. You'll find both INSTANT and LONG TERM relief for your cervical, thoracic, shoulder, clavicle, lower and upper back pain, and more! Say goodbye to lower and upper back pain and hello to a new healthier you!.
  • 【Improve Your Health and Confidence】 – Your posture is often one of the first things people notice about you. By using the posture corrector not only will you experience the positive health effects from better posture, but standing straighter will actually increase your confidence! Imagine looking, feeling, and being healthier and more confident naturally!.

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