SmartZone Flip Bulbs

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Product Features

  • 【Patent SmartZone Functions】Unique “Zone” separating function allows you to divide your bulbs into different zone, and turn on the needed bulbs only! You can set the Flip Bulb to Zone 1, Zone 1+2 (Work as normal LED bulb) and Zone 2, or mix up with your current LED bulbs, to create various combination and unique atmosphere.
  • 【Dimmable】Light dimming can be so easy with Flip Bulb. Using a dimmer switch, and you can tune up and dim the light at the perfect brightness to fit your different needs and occasions.
  • 【Easy to Install】No Hub needed, you can enjoy the SmartZone function using your current light switch without any extra installation or rewiring. FIVE minutes quick setup: 1) Remove the current bulbs. 2) Select the “SmartZone “of the flip bulb. 3) Install the bulb with E26/E27 base.
  • 【Energy Saving】Turning on the needed bulbs only, reduce unnecessary waste of energy. LED bulb can also save power up to 80 % comparing to 40W/60W incandescent, while providing 1100 lumens and 25000 hrs working hours.
  • 【Safety with High Quality】UL Listed & RoHS Compliant. Apart from the patent technology of SmartZone function, the Flip Bulb also pass the JA9-2016 and CEC 3.0. We can light up your home in a unique and safety way!.

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