GMYLE® Labmate Referral Program

Labmate Referral Program

Refer any friend to sign up to Labmate Program using your email address as referral to earn $5 cash reward! The more successful referral, the more earnings. There’s no limit!

How to sign up GMYLE Labmate Program:
1. Create then login to your GMYLE account.
2. Visit the Laboratory page and request a free product sample.


Rules and Regulations

Referrer - Current members
  • must be an existing Labmate member.
  • must have a paypal account to receive reward. (free service)

    Referee - New members
    • must be first time applicant. Never applied previously.
    • must enter referrer’s exact email address during Sample Request form to qualify for reward.
    • must provide review link(s) during sign up and after posting review(s).

    Reward will be issued
    • to referrer only.
    • via paypal only. (free service)
    • once referee completes entire cycle of first product review to the requested sites.
    • when referral email matches referrers'.

      • Application will be reviewed and accepted in groups.
      • Applicants with review history will get priority.
      • Applicants who perform well in first cycle will be re-invited to further reviewing opportunity.
      • Applicants successfully applied this program on or before end date (12th October 2015), and complete all needed requirements afterward, the referrer is still eligible for rewards.
      • Referrer and referee are responsible for ensuring all contact information are correct. Any mismatch info will disqualify your chance to receiving reward.
      • Applicants shall provide GMYLE® with valid banking or PayPal account. Applicants is solely responsible ensuring its account information is accurate and current. GMYLE® will not be responsible for any payments not received due to advocate failing to provide accurate and complete account information for payment.
      • GMYLE® reserves the right to deny or terminate access to the Program to anyone at any time, in its sole discretion.