Infrared wireless Vista MCE Remote Control

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This multi-function, infrared Windows MCE remote control makes controlling your PC's MCE functions simple. It includes direct MCE keying for My Music, My Video, My Pictures, My TV, Guide, Live TV, Recorded TV, DVD Menu. 8 multimedia keys permit full control of recorder/player functions and 3 mouse keys permit distanced browsing up to 10 metres from your PC.

Highlighted Features:
  • Control mouse cursor from the remote
  • 46 Keys + 3 Mouse Keys
  • Infrared wireless freedom up to 10 meters
  • Compatible with Windows 7


  • Infrared wireless freedom up to 10 meters 
  • Friendly Media Center Menu (The Microsoft Media Centre Edition on-screen menus are specially for Remote Control interaction) 
  • Play Music Right from your remote control (Control your DVD/VCD/MP3/Audio media functions directly and easily from your remote control) 
  • Watch Digital TV When and How You Want (Work with media centre PC, never miss a moment of your favorite programme-pause and rewind live TV) 
  • Mouse Function: Control your cursor without a mouse 
  • Pop-up Windows Vista Features: 
    -Sleep: Put your computer to sleep mode, saving energy 
    -WWW: Start the default web browser and go to the homepage 
    -Start: Start Media Centre 
    -Close Button: Close the active application 
  • MCE Keys: My Music, My Video, My Pictures, My TV, Guide, Live TV, Recorded TV, DVD Menu 
  • 8 Multimedia Keys: Record, Stop, Play, Pause, Pre-Track, Next-Track, Rewind, Skip 
  • 3 Mouse Keys: Cursor Control, Click and Right Click buttons 

Product Specifications: 
  • Number of keys: 46 keys & 3 mouse keys 
  • Remote: 199 x 54 x 34 mm 
  • Weight: Around 95g 
  • Compatibility OS: Windows XP with MCE, Vista Premium and Vista Ultimate, Windows 7 
  • Computer: One USB Port 
  • Transmission Distance: 10 meter 
  • Battery Type: 2 AAA Batteries
Package Include Quantity
USB IR Receiver x 1
Infrared Wireless MCE Remote Control x 1
User Manual x 1