VR Smartphone Headset with Adjustable Mount

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SKU: 700153#

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  • Adjustable mount design for fast and precise installation of your phone, and perfectly secure your smart phone while emerging in 3D VR world.
  • Light weight (315g)and excellent heat dissipating soft foam protector provide super comfortable wearing experience.
  • Adjustable nose padding suits for different shapes of face, and prevent distracting light leak from affecting your VR experience.
  • Convenient control pad to adjust the pupil distance and sight distance (adjustable on pupil distance and object distance).
  • Large size of lenses to get super wide viewing angle and perfect 3D experience.


This Virtual Cardboard brings you an inexpensive yet and simple and fan way to experience the amazing virtual reality.

All necessary parts come with the package, just get and fold it then explore a variety of VR apps which bring you a whole new experience.

Explore and have fun with various VR Apps on App Store and Play Store