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What is Laboratory Programme?

  • GMYLE is a brand with brilliant ideas serving today’s mobile world, creating Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier. At GMYLE, it’s all about our customers. We rely on inspirations from our users to develop user-friendly products and we place continuous effort to deliver products that meet our customer’s daily needs. Thus, the Laboratory Community was born. We need Labmates like yourself to participate and get involve.
  • As a Labmate, there will be opportunities to try out existing or pre-release products for free or at discounted price. In exchange, Labmates are responsible for providing constructive and unbiased feedback for possible product improvement and further development. Labmates may also be invited to share their experience through selective channels like and other social media outlets.
  • With your insightful feedback, we hope to continue to grow and produce products of the highest quality with exceptional customer service, providing a truly satisfying experience for all GMYLE customers.
  • Join our Laboratory Community today and together, let’s create Gadgets that Make Your Life Easier.

How to join Laboratory Programme?

Getting Started

  • Sign up / log in to your GMYLE account.
  • Visit GMYLE Labmate Program page.
  • Select a product and submit a sample request.
  • Expect a notification e-mail from within 3 working days.
  • Complete purchase process with coupon code provided in email.
  • Sample will be sent and deliver within 7-14 days.
  • Enjoy reviewing products!

Who can apply?

Our program is open to the public. Applicants are selected based on location and several other criteria, including review history from Amazon and other social media channels such as YouTube, tech websites, forums or any others. Basic requirements for application:


United States will receive first round pick. United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Italy and Spain will become available after.

Active and helpful review history

    To better distribute limited resources, we will limit our program to applicants qualifying for the requirements below:

  • Comprehensive and detailed review history on Amazon, US domain;
  • Active online presence on other platforms such as YouTube, major tech forums, deals forums (E.g. Slickdeals, Fat Wallet), blog and more.
  • Valid links to applicant’s channel account must be provided for evaluation.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Labmates (you) are expected to test the sample requested, then provide detailed and unbiased feedback in a timely manner. And then share your feedback on and Amazon US domain. Other channels like blogs sites, forums, or any other social media outlets are also welcome.
  • At any time, if you require assistance during testing, please contact our marketing team at

How to Join?

  • Sign up GMYLE Account and add your physical address with 100% accurate information. That’s all and you are ready!

Terms and Conditions

  • GMYLE is not liable for any damages caused by sample products due to misuse, mishandling, or lack of maintenance, etc.
  • GMYLE all sample products are not covered by any warranty, nor replacements are offered unless product arrives defective. (Please contact us within 3 business days after receipt of product)
  • GMYLE program or membership can be terminated without prior notice.
  • GMYLE any promotional code or coupon code provided within the Labmate Program cannot be shared or posted publicly.


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